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Axiatonal Music™ by Sacred Resonance © www.sacredresonance.com.au, accesses what the ‘Keys of Enoch’ ® calls ‘axiatonal lines; energy fields in acoustical vibrational patterns that connect meridians of the body with resonating star systems.
Axiatonal Music™ uses frequencies found within the great pyramids across the world to access greater states of vibratory attunement of body, mind and spirit through holistic healing, meditation and consciousness expansion.
These frequencies connect out to the structure of the universe all the way down to the sounds of the DNA vibrating in your body.  
The greater sound symphony of Axiatonal Music™ works with the neo-cortex utilizing both left and right hemispheric functions that can activate super-mental powers and states of consciousness.

Axiatonal Music tm, is connected with mantric or sacred music which can amplify or cue the signal-noise relationships of the axiatonal- acupuncture system so that the human body can receive energy from higher powers or discrete parallel intelligence that can use various signalling  ranges to give life, or bring healing through an intricate set of links (or chakras) built into the body. Future History Journal, AFFS, Spring 1998.

    Axiatonal lines are existing energy fields in patterns working with acoustical vibrations running throughout the body and beyond. (Keys of Enoch (C) 1973)

Special thanks for Academy For Future Science USA -  Drs. Hurtak 

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