What is Axiatonal Music

Axiatonal Music™ accesses what the ‘Keys of Enoch’ ® calls ‘axiatonal lines; energy fields in acoustical vibrational patterns that connect meridians of the body with resonating star systems.
Axiatonal Music™ uses frequencies found within the great pyramids across the world to access greater states of vibratory attunement of body, mind and spirit through holistic healing, meditation and consciousness expansion.
These frequencies connect out to the structure of the universe all the way down to the sounds of the DNA vibrating in your body.
The greater sound symphony of Axiatonal Music™ works with the neo-cortex utilizing both left and right hemispheric functions that can activate super-mental powers and states of consciousness.
Axiatonal music is connected with mantric or sacred music which can amplify or cue the signal-noise relationships of the axiatonal- acupuncture system so that the human body can receive energy from higher powers or discrete parallel intelligence that can use various signaling ranges to give life, or bring healing through an intricate set of links (or chakras) built into the body. Future History Journal, AFFS, Spring 1998.
Axiatonal lines are existing energy fields in patterns working with acoustical vibrations running throughout the body and beyond.
Axiatonal System
The Keys of Enoch® define that there is a renewal process that takes place on the cellular level which is controlled by axiatonal lines, defined as follows:
Vibratory lines which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrobiological analogs. (see Key 317). The Keys of Enoch® J J Hurtak, 1973-1977.
…The greater astro acupuncture system allows induction of bioluminescent and electrical signals using fractal networks to override normal cause and effect (Hurtak, 1988). It is beginning to appear that humankind is working only with a truncated version of acupuncture when compared with the ancient practice. Moreover, the newest translations of the Nei Jing (Book Review by Pham; pp. 191–196) may confirm this more expanded model of acupuncture science.
Therefore, we should begin to examine our human acupuncture system even more holistically, as an extended astro bioacupuncture system that is, in degrees of complexity, connected to communication circuits with the various internal and external meridians as depicted in ancient Chinese texts (Fig. 3). This extended system could be called an axiatonal system of vibratory communication, by virtue of its functioning through meridians with diverse fields of light and sound (Hurtak, 1973a), a macrocosmic ordering of what Gariaev et al. (1994) are observing in the acoustico-optical properties (i.e., the frequency properties) of the genome. We see on the basis of extrapolation of current research in new energy medicine, the emergence of a whole new branch of medical science that can be called “Medical Astronomy.”
…Viewing the universe as a fractal totality, the human body appears as a micro-cosmos, a small space-time field within a larger field.
[Consciousness and Quantum Information Processing: Uncovering the Foundation for a Medicine of Light BRUCE D. CURTIS, M.A., M.Div. and J.J. HURTAK, Ph.D., (Social Science) Ph.D. (History & Oriental Studies)]
Music may affect the energetic system in other ways. Because of the piezoelectric properties of the body, the vibrotactile impact of sound may generate electromagnetic energy. A specific frequency or the harmonics of complex sound may create and/or release energetic information at the point needed in the body or energy field. If not the fundamental frequencies, then certainly the harmonic overtones in complex sound will have an impact. “Each physical body, composed of interacting, pulsating energy fields, has its own set of vibrating patterns, like musical notes, that are natural to it and with which it resonates. Since all notes have higher harmonics, we can assume the body does as well”
(Laskow, 1992, p.40)[ Page 213 Chapter 5 “Music and Soul Making ]


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